Black Coffee Sells Out The O2

Black Coffee Sells Out The O2

Black Coffee Sells Out The O2Black Coffee Sells Out The O2

Interestingly, These days it’s no surprise to read that Black Coffee has sold out a venue, and the DJ has just managed to clear all the seats of one of the UK’s most iconic music venues: the O2 Academy in Brixton.

Obviously, While it’s not as big as O2 Wembley or as grand as Abbey Road, O2 Brixton is right up there with the UK’s most important concert venues.

And generally, It is widely respected in the music industry and while selling out a big stadium is always grand, playing and selling out O2 Brixton is seen to be just as important a feat for both local and international artists.

So imagine our excitement when we learned that one of our very own had just managed the task of selling out the world-famous venue which has hosted the likes of Ed Sheeran, Damien Marley, N.E.R.D, Madonna, and even an anti-apartheid concert back in 1986 which was headlined by The Smiths.

Fast Forward to 2019 and it’s now the time of Mzansi’s child and future interior designer, Black Coffee to put his name on the venue’s historic list.

After a successful Music is King concert, the DJ is now back on the international circuit

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